The Duct Armor Restoration Process

Video Inspection

Duct Armor West Texas Provides comprehensive video inspections for all in ground and under slab air duct systems

A video inspection is the first step in the restoration process. The inspection will allow us to see what is going on inside your air ducts and develop a plan to properly line your air system. You are welcome to watch as we video record the true condition of your under slab air ducts. Using a specialized camera, all accessible ducts are videoed to locate rust, mold, sub-soil moisture, loose foil lining or deteriorating cardboard. Most problems with the duct work will be seen at that time of the inspection and can reviewed in an online video. From the video inspection we then determine the best approach to restore your system to better than new condition.

This information is useful for home owners when purchasing or selling a home, making insurance claims or looking for the source of allergy issues.

Dirty Air Duct - Duct Armor


The cost of the inspection varies according to the size of the home, the number of vent openings under the slab and accessibility to the duct work. All local inspections start at $225.00 After your inspection, we will provide you with a detailed restoration estimate and video footage of your air duct system. If you choose to have us restore your duct work, we will refund the cost of the inspection 100%!

Air Duct Cleaning

Duct Armor Air Duct Cleaning to reduce allergens in the home

Restoring damaged under slab duct work involves a thorough cleaning before your air ducts are lined. First, if there are any major areas of duct collapse causing reduced airflow, our technicians will go in with specialized cleaning equipment and remove the large debris causing the blockage. Once your duct work is free of any large obstructions, a final cleaning will remove any loose foil, dirt, cobwebs, and dust.  After a thorough cleaning, your ducts are ready to be lined with our patented Duct Armor® rubberized lining material.


From Damaged and Dirty to Clean and Healthy in Just a Matter of Days!



Air Duct Lining

Duct Armor Air Duct Lining

The spray-on lining process can usually be completed in one to two days by a team of two Duct Armor® technicians. Each product application can take from four to eight hours depending on the size of the house and duct system.

The product is applied during two separate visits to your home with at least seven days between to allow the product to dry completely and adhere to the duct work. After each application the A/C fan is left running for a minimum of four days to assure the drying process is complete.

Our process is so simple that there is no need to pack up your home or move out. Before we begin spraying your ducts with product, our team will prep the inside of your home with floor covers to help insure we keep your home as clean as possible.  When we are finished applying the air duct lining, there is no delay before you may use your air conditioning or heating system.


In Ground Air Duct Repair - Duct Armor

The Product

Safe for the Environment & Your Family

Are your in slab air ducts rusty, moldy, damaged, or dusty? Are you considering an overhead duct conversion and stressed over the expense? Are you smelling bad odors or seeing dirt blow from your ducts? Or are you looking for ways to increase the air quality in your home? We have the affordable solution for you! Duct Armor® offers air duct restoration that repairs your damaged ducts to better than new while saving you thousands of dollars, and your attic space, over a traditional overhead conversion. Our patented process and proprietary product assures you immediate relief from your duct worries.

Our coating material is a proprietary water-based latex material that contains zinc. Our product will inhibit the growth of any mold or bacteria, without the use of poisons or dangerous chemicals. Duct Armor® has been rigorously tested for safety including fire safety and out-gassing. You will find our testing data int the residential and commercial info sections of our site. Because Duct Armor® is a water-based product that does not contain harmful chemicals to eliminate mold, there is no requirement for an EPA registration number. Duct Armor® is so safe it is classified as a non-hazmat material for shipping.

Reduce allergies at home

Duct Armor® will make the air ducts air tight which will satisfy the new energy regulations, including HERS testing. This means immediate energy savings for many years to come.

Our liner material will not be damaged by water, but the source of water should be eliminated before the restoration process takes place.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Your home is probably the most costly investment you will make. We can help protect that investment by putting a comprehensive plan together for the restoration of the air ducts. We will make suggestions on how to eliminate water issues, mold, rust, odors.
We are CERTIFIED Duct Armor® dealers and specially TRAINED to restore your air duct with the patented Duct Armor® formula designed specifically for your air ducts. When we are finished, your air duct will be better than new with air flow to your whole home. And, we can do all that without digging a trench through your home or filling up your attic with an energy inefficient overhead duct conversion.