We were about to have to abandon our air conditioning vents in the floor and have the huge cost and mess of installing a system in the attic. Alan from Duct Armor came out and lined our vents. He was able to clear a collapse and seal off all rust and mold saving our system at a much lower cost. Most of all he was professional, courteous and clean. We would absolutely recommend him and his product to anyone with an in slab system that wants to repair or just improve and maintain it.
— James H.

We had deteriorating sonotube in our 1960's era foundation. Air quality and air flow was terrible due to all the debris, rust and insect damage in the vents. We always had a musty odor ( a basement smell) in the house and a lot of allergic sinusitis. With our two story house, a system in the attic was not an option. Dropping ceilings or jack hammering the foundation were our choices. When we saw the Duct Armor truck in Midland, we ran as fast as we could to talk to Alan about lining the vents. We are so grateful for this technology. We have much improved air flow, air quality and best of all no sneezing and upper respiratory issues. A professional team all around.

--Nick and Barbara

Ever since moving into this house I have said I was allergic to it, little did I know it was the truth. We also had the problem that our vents were collapsed completely in two bedrooms, with no air being available at all. We had several companies come out to look and everyone said it was impossible to fix and we just needed to fill them in with concrete and completely redo our entire system, with estimates upwards of $16,000. Alan from Duct Armor came out and spent hours upon hours cleaning out our vents then lining them. He was able to clear out the vents so that we now have air flow in those two rooms. The lining also sealed off the rust and mold that was creating allergens in our home, thus making me break out in hives and have to take allergy shots since moving in. Since the lining, I have felt so much better and my hives and allergies have been minimal. Alan saved us a ton of money, but more importantly our families health. He and his team were beyond professional, courteous and went above and beyond to make sure our house was kept clean while working. We have recommended him and his product already and will continue to do so!
— John & Vanessa
Alan was courteous and professional. We had already abandoned our in floor ductwork for an overhead system That overhead system was poorly installed. It leaked air and was horrible to look at. Duct Armor did not exist at the time we installed the system.

I found out about Duct Armor from a home inspector. I talked with Alan and he determined after taking video of my in ground duct work, that it could be saved using his process. The work took two weeks (two treatments) and now all my floor registers blow harder than they did when I first purchased the home. Best of all, the overhead system is now gone and the mid century modern architecture of the house shines once more.
— Michael & Bryan