A flooded home is a home owner's worst nightmare. Even minor water leaks and small drips can turn into a major problem very quickly. One of the problems with water leaks and burst pipes is that they often happen in places we rarely look. To make matters worse, most insurance won't cover water damage. What if you could have extra peace of mind about all the places most prone to water leaks? Better yet, what if you had a wireless water system monitoring and protecting your whole home, shutting off the water BEFORE a flood happens? With a wireless water alarm system you will never have to worry about leaks or floods in your basement, under your sinks, in your underground air ducts, or from overflowing washing machines. In the presence of moisture, an appropriately placed water sensor will send a wireless signal to the central control unit which will then alert you to a problem by sounding its 130 dB siren while the LED display indicates which zone the event occurred in so it can be easily located.  Simultaneously a signal is forwarded to the motorized ball valve and the water is turned off at the main line stopping the leak before any major damage is done.

Wireless Water Alarm with Auto Water Shut Off

- Connect up to 32 wireless sensors
- Ultra loud 130 dB siren
- Auto water shut off if a leak happens while you are away
- Up to 300’ wireless signal range (line of sight, individual results will vary)
- Simple three step programming makes linking sensors a breeze.  There are no dip switches or cryptic codes to enter.
- Easy-to-read two digit LED display makes it easy to identify which sensor has been activated.
- Low battery alert for sensors
- Missing sensor alert
- External power loss alert
- Stainless steel motorized ball valve with sensor pad
- One year warranty

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Basic Kit Contains:
- One Wireless Water Alarm Control Unit
- Two Standard water sensors
- One sensor description matrix
- Thirty two sensor labels
- One 130 dB siren
- Two power supplies
- Two wall mount kits
- One valve controller
- One stainless steel motorized ball valve
- Sensor pad
*add up to 32 sensors