Our Innovate Rubberized Duct Lining is the Only Patented, Trenchless Solution to Fully Restore Your Underslab Air Ducts  


Duct Armor of West Texas has been serving Lubbock and the surround area since 2013. Our innovative process involves the cleaning and lining of inground air ducts directly through the registers and plenums which quickly corrects the problems of moldy,  corroded, and damaged air ducts. The air duct lining will completely restore your ductwork and promote healthy air quality in your home. Our specially designed air duct lining material inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and allergens, allowing your air to remain clean and healthy. The restoration and lining of your air duct system can be completed in as little as three days. There is also no need for messy and expensive remodeling, construction, or unsightly overhead air duct conversions.

Trenchless Air Duct Restoration

In ground air duct repair

Our patented process and spray-on liner will completely line all areas of the ductwork. The product and our trenchless process are specifically designed to restore your duct work to better than new.     

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Allergen Reduction

Improve home air quality

If your home is making you sick, your deteriorating air ducts may be contaminating the air in your home with dirt, mold, bacteria, and rust. Your allergies at home could be a symptom of a big problem that our trained professionals can help you solve. 

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Mold Remediation

Musty, damp smells and reduced air flow may be an indication that moisture is invading your underslab air ducts. Moisture filled air ducts create the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and fungus. Let use help you find out how you can protect your health and home!

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Eliminates Smoke Odor

Air Duct Smoke Damage Repair

If you have tried everything else and your home still smells like smoke, there is hope! Duct Armor's patented formula is specially designed to completely eliminate smoke odors in your duct work by going directly to the source and encapsulating the problem. You don't have to tolerate the smells any longer. Call us today and find out how we can get your home smelling new again!

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Commercial Fiberglass Insulated Ducts

Commercial Air Duct Restoration

Disintegrating fiberglass duct work doesn't have to be a health hazard in your office building. Instead of investing in a massive remediation project, let us encapsulate your commercial air ducts to completely restore the air quality in your building and protect your employees' health. Find out how we can encapsulate the fiberglass or asbestos in commercial air duct systems.

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Now Offering Wireless Water Alarms

Home Water Alarm

Did you know that each year more homes are damaged by flooding than by fire? Our compact water detection systems detect leaks early and automatically shuts off your water supply before real damage can happen. Its compact design with no wiring and no assembly makes protecting your home with a water alarm system incredibly simple and affordable.
Whole Home Wireless Water Alarms