Duct Armor Video Inspections

Duct Armor Air Duct Video

A video inspection is the first step in the restoration process. You are welcome to watch as we video record the true condition of your under slab air ducts. Using a specialized camera, all accessible ducts are videoed to locate rust, mold, sub-soil moisture, loose foil lining or deteriorating cardboard lining. Most, but not all, problems with the duct work can be seen at that time of the inspection and later reviewed in an online video. From the video inspection we then determine the best approach to restore your system to better than new condition.

This information is useful for home owners when purchasing or selling a home, making insurance claims or looking for the source of allergy issues. The cost of the inspection varies according to the size of the home, the number of vent openings under the slab and accessibility to the duct work. All local inspections start at $225.00 After your inspection, we will provide you with a detailed restoration estimate. If you choose to have us restore your duct work, we will refund the cost of the inspection 100%!

Too Hot, Too Cold, Or Just Right

If you have rooms or areas in certain rooms that are either too hot or too cold while other rooms are just right (comfortable) - then there is a problem that needs to be found and corrected.
The problem could be reduced or stopped air flow from moisture damaged to the cardboard components inside your ducts. Or, it could be as simple as the vent registers need adjusting to either increase or decrease air flow volume in the area of concern. Additionally, it could be your a/c tonnage is incorrectly sized for the square footage of your home. Only a video inspection by a qualified inspector can help diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate corrections whether it be a simple fix or a restoration.

Air Duct Restoration with Duct Armor Technology

Restoring damaged under slab duct work involves cleaning and lining the duct work. Loose foil, cardboard, dirt, debris, cobwebs, etc. are removed from the ducts. After cleaning is completed, two coats of Duct Armor® are applied to the cleaned ducts. The application process can take from four to eight hours depending on the size of the house and duct system. The product is applied on two separate days with at least seven days between to allow the product to dry completely and adhere to the duct work. After each application the A/C fan is left running for a minimum of four days to assure the drying process is complete. Because every home is different, a restoration plan can only be provided once a complete video inspection has taken place.

Collapsed Air Ducts

Reduced or Stopped Air Flow

  This is an important clue that environmental conditions under your home and in your air ducts has taken a turn for the worse and become unhealthy for your family.
Nearly always this means there's too much moisture and an intrusion from uncontrolled water sources causing the old duct material to collapse and block airflow.

Major Debris Removal

Many times during inspection we find ducting that has been neglected for 20, 30, 40, 50, & 60 plus years! None of the previous homeowners has invited an inspector to put a camera into the ducting systems of the home. Consequently, this chronic neglect has allowed moisture problems to go far too long and the duct components have reached a failure point. Many times we find these areas were subjected to flooding but are now dry. The metal flex joints are severely rusted, the cardboard sonotube has sagged under it's own weight creating a hard pinch. Air flow is significantly reduced or stopped completely. I also find dirt piles, dirt clods, broken concrete debris, wooden 2x4's, ceramic tile/grout debris, wood flooring scraps, toys, clumps and balls of animal pet hair, empty soda cans, empty milk cartons, cardboard sonotube curls and pinches, termite damaged sonotube pieces with mold and mildew growth.
    A regular duct cleaning company cannot and will not remove "heavy debris" items from your ducting. Aggressive removal techniques and equipment are required and they do not offer that service for liability reasons. They only remove light weight fine dust and fuzz.  A company with the equipment and expertise will have to be contracted for this aggressive removal work, followed up by coating the ducting with a flexible rubber liner product - like Duct Armor West Texas.
    When a collapse has occurred, again, a company with equipment and expertise to clear the blockage and restore air flow followed up by coating the ducting with an environmentally friendly, flexible rubber liner product - like Duct Armor West Texas.