How much does a ductwork inspection cost?

Under slab ductwork video inspections start at $225.00. After the inspection you will receive a link to a web-hosted video of the video footage as well as a comprehensive report of our findings along with recommendations.

How long does it take you to do an inspection?

Usually it will take us 2-4 hours to complete a residential inspection depending on how big your home is and if the vents are readily accessible. Before we arrived, please make sure nothing is blocking access to the air vents near/in your floor. You are welcome to follow along and ask questions while our technician inspects your home's air system.

How much will it cost to repair my air duct system?

Each home is different and the total restoration cost depends on whether or not your home will need additional major debris removal, regular duct cleaning, or A/C work. The size of your home is also a major determining factor in the overall restoration cost. Simpler, small return air systems start at $3500. Average single systems range from $5,000 to $9000.

What's involved in a ductwork restoration?

There are four phases of work we will do: 1) First we remove any debris that is blocking the airflow through the duct system. 2) After the ducts are clear, we go in one last time to clean out as much dust and dirt as possible and clean the A/C unit itself. 3) Next, we spray on the lining product during two separate visits over a 10 day period. 4) After the final product lining we will set your A/C unit back in place and the job is complete.

Does the liner product smell bad?

Our liquid liner product has a latex base. If our customers can smell it at all, they have described it smelling like a freshly painted room right after we apply the product. If the smell bothers you, you can spray some unscented Febreze on your vent covers and that will help eliminate any smell from the latex. If you are pregnant or have small children, know that our product has been tested by an independent lab and has been deemed completely safe. While you may smell something from the product, there are no harmful chemicals associated with the smell.

How long does a restoration take?

On an average residential home, it takes us about 3 days to complete a restoration. These 3 work days take place over a 10 day period.

Can we stay in our home while you do the restoration?

Absolutely! We won't be tearing into walls or floors so there won't be any major disruption to your daily life. If there is a piece of furniture blocking access to a vent, you will need to move it out of the way just enough for our technicians to be able to access the vent. Otherwise, sit back and relax while we do the work.

What if I have water or a sewer leak in my air ducts?

Water leaks or sewage draining into your underground air ducts are usually indicative of a much bigger problem. When the source has been identified and a plumbing service has fixed the leak, we will install some fans or have you run the fan on your A/C system until the ducts dry out. As soon as the ducts are dry, we can perform an inspection to assess the damage and determine the best approach to restoring your air system. There is no need to spray any type of sanitzing solution in your ducts to kill bacteria because your product will take care of that for you. Our liner is great at sealing out that awful sewer smell after it's leaked into your air system!

How do I pay for Duct Armor restoration services?

We accept cash, check, or credit card. If you choose to pay in full when you book our services, you qualify for a 10% discount on materials and labor. We also offer 3, 6, and 9-month financing options.

I am not really sure if my ducts need to be inspected? How do I know if I should call?

1) If you have never seen the condition of your underground duct work. (2) If you or a family member is suffering from chronic allergies or unexplained respiratory problems. (3) If you feel your home is excessively dusty all the time. (4) If you smell a damp, musty basement odor when you first enter your home. (5) If you have uneven heating and cooling in your home or blocked air flow to certain rooms. (6) If the metal grills covering your air vents are rusty. (7) If you notice bits of silver foil or dirt blowing out of you air vents. (8) If you are buying a pre-owned home, always order and inspection of the underground ducts along with the other normal inspections. The problems that cost most to repair in a home are ones that are hidden in the walls and floors.

How do I know if I have underground ductwork?

You can know for sure part of your home's air system is underground if you have air vents in the floor or close to the base moulding on the wall.

If I am buying a home, will the home inspection company inspect the underslab duct work?

No, they will not. Texas Reas Estate Commission guidelines for home inspectors prohibit them from putting an inspection camera into a home's ductwork. This area of a home is not covered in the scope of their inspection.

Will the home warranty that comes with my home purchase cover repairs to the underslab ducting?

No home warranty that we are aware of covers preexiting damage to underslab air ducts. If your warranty does, you are a very lucky person!

Will my homeowner's insurance policy cover the expenses to repair underslab ducting?

Only if the damage was caused by leaking drain lines or water supply lines.

If you don't see an answer to your question, please feel free to send us a message. We are always happy to answer your questions!

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