Meet the Duct Armor West Texas Owners


Alan and Lydia Eubank

Alan and Lydia Eubank are life-long West Texans who settled in Lubbock after they were married in 1975. They have been in business together since 1986 when Alan began a home remodeling business. Alan’s remodeling experience includes the full scope from visual – cosmetic to full structural repairs.

During those remodeling years, Alan came to understand his strength lies in his ability to find the source of the problems homeowners are facing and come up with specialized solutions to address a specific issue. Experience has also taught him that homeowners are best served when what is unseen is sound. What is unseen is often more important than what is seen on a daily basis.

Remodeling jobs over the years have focused Alan’s attention on the under slab air duct system.  Issues such as blocked air flow, bad odors, mildew, fungus, allergens, musty basement smells, termite damage to the cardboard duct liner, animals in the duct work, and water in the duct work are problems that his clients needed to solve. After searching for the best solution, Alan found Duct Armor.

After researching the product, meeting the company founder and visiting with other Duct Armor distributors around the nation, Alan and Lydia knew this was a company and product they could endorse and install without hesitation. The Duct Armor solution solves your under slab problems in an affordable, effective and trenchless way that preserves the structural integrity of your home.



Our Team of Technicians

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Mike Perry


Jamar Phillips